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7 Core Exercises For Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a very common complaint that many people have to live with. Exercising is the best way to deal with it so if you want to forget what back pain is once and for all, put on your sportswear and get ready for some action. Today we are going to share with you 7 core exercises to relieve lower back pain in 10 minutes.

1. Hamstring Stretch

Lay on your back with your right leg band, then grab behind your left knee and pull your left leg up into a stretch position. Twenty seconds on each leg will do the trick. Remember to stretch your leg as much as you can but still keep your tailbone on the floor. you can bend your knee a little as you pull your leg back too. If you’re doing everything right you should feel the stretch on the back of your thighs and your cabs if you pull your toes back. Doing this exercise is essential for back pain relief, as it’s usually tight hamstrings that affect the movement of your pelvis. Regular hamstring stretches will give you strong flexible limber thighs which will support the rest of your muscle groups. 

2. Double Leg Knee To Chest Stretch

Lay on your back, bend both of your legs and hold one hand with the other behind your knees. Pull it closer to your chest using both hands. Do 2 little 20 second sessions. The more you stretch the more you’ll feel the strain on your lower back and thighs, and that’s a good sign. This exercise increases the range of motion of your lower back muscles which is always good.

Taking care of your muscles is crucial, as muscles with a bad range of motion are prone to spinal cord arthritis and spinal cord stenosis apart from preventing such consequences this exercise also ensures that your blood supply is healthy and assist the nutrients in that particular area. 

 3. Knee Stretch To The Chest

Lay on your back, bend your right leg and hold it with your hands. From this position pull it closer to your chest, hold it for 40 seconds for each leg. These stretches have the same effect on the body, as the double knee to chest stretches. These ones however, use the partial weight of the body to relax the thigh muscles while correcting the backbone and related muscles. You should feel the gentle stretch of your hips and thighs.

4. Psoas Stretch

What is the psoas? well it’s the largest and most important muscle in the hip flexor muscle group. they ensure the movement and coordination of the thigh and torso this helps in daily activities, like cycling, weight training and running. So, stretching your psoas can significantly improve your health.

Stand straight and move your left leg forward while keeping your right leg back. Bend your left knee and keep your upper body straight. Hold this position for a few seconds, and then lower the right knee close to the floor. Hold this position for 1 minute for each leg. This exercise affects your psoas, and helps relieve back pain for good in the long run. Don’t forget to keep both hands on your left knee for support, and move your upper body forward. 

5. Spinal Stretch

When you sit in an office or classroom for hours sit behind the wheel of a car or simply stand with poor posture your spinal cord suffers which causes back pain. A Spinal stretch or spinal twist stretch ensures the mobility of your spinal muscles, helping you to maintain good posture and back pain relief. 

Lay on your back and stretch your arms perpendicular to your head. Raise your left leg up, and use your right hand to pull it over your right leg to the ground on the right side. Turn your head slowly toward the left side, keeping your hands perpendicular to your head. We will hold this position for one minute for each leg. If you’re doing everything correctly you should feel the stretch on your back and thigh respective to your leg. Try to relax and feel your body. 

6. Quadriceps Stretch

As a muscle connecting to the back of the knees a poor or stiff pair of quadriceps can lead to back or knee pain that’s precisely why quadriceps stretches is effective. Among all the other things, quadriceps stretches can also increase your energy, so no matter which work out you usually do add this exercise close to the end of it. You’ll feel way more energized after your training session. 

Stand on your right leg and hold your left foot with your right hand. You can use both hands if one is insufficient. Try to touch your butt with your heel and hold this position for one minute. In addition to your quadriceps this stretch target your hips and back, it also increases blood circulation to that particular area.

7. Downward Facing Dog Against A Wall Or Chair

Downward facing dog come straight from yoga and has multiple benefits. It releases any stress in the shoulders neck, thighs or back and increases the spaciousness in your torso by creating movement in the quadriceps.

Stand up straight and make sure you have something to support you. Put both of your hands on the support while keeping a sufficient distance between you and the support. Now bend your upper body between your arms, make sure your head goes down between them as well. Keep your lower body straight and try to been in a comfortable position. Let’s hold this pose for one minute.

Do this simple work out at least two or three times a week and back pain certainly won’t bother you.