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The Top 6 Health Benefits Of Aerobic Exercises

Today I am going to share with you the benefits of aerobic and aerobic exercises and why this is something you should incorporate into your weekly routine. In particular we’re going to talk about some of the lesser known benefits of aerobic that many people don’t knows about, because we’ve all heard that aerobics are good for our heart and maybe they help with weight loss, but did you know that aerobics also help with things, like your immune system and your brain health? We’re going to cover all that in this article and some simple and practical tips to start incorporating aerobics in your routine in a way that is time efficient and not boring. 

To start, I want to talk about the six benefits of aerobic exercises that a lot of people don’t know about. The first one, is that aerobics actually lead to a stronger immune system

1. Stronger Immune System

We’re not entirely sure from the research, why this happens? But we know it does. People who do regular aerobic exercises have stronger immune systems. They get sick less often, and those really healthy white blood cells are T&B lymphocytes or macrophages and all these things actually increase when we do aerobic exercises. This is fantastic, because for a couple of reasons; one, no one likes getting sick and two, the more you exercise it keeps you healthy long term, which is an amazing benefit.

2. Better Fat Burning

When we do aerobic exercises, one of the main fuel sources that our bodies do burn is fat. This is a great benefit, because regardless of whether we want to lose weight or not, it is great if we can really help our bodies get more into this this fat burning mode and aerobic exercises can help with that.

3. Increased Lifespan

Many researches show that people who do regular aerobic exercises live longer than people who do not. A part of this is mediated by the fact that people who do aerobics have a lower incidence of heart disease, which is one of the main killers of modern humans, but in particular it decreases your risk of all sorts of diseases, from diabetes to heart disease to Alzheimer’s and all sorts of things. It increases your lifespan and decrease your risk of disease.

4.  Improve Brain Function

New researches show that when you do aerobics actually improves your memory and prevents and helps decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s and other neuro degenerative conditions. This is fantastic, because we can literally say that exercise makes you smarter and not just that, it keeps your brain healthy in long term, which is incredibly important, because a lot of us, we see our parents and grandparents grew up. We see that there are losing their memories, and sometimes if anyone of your family is affected by something like Alzheimer, it’s terribly tragic to witness. So, one thing we can do besides eating healthy diet and sleeping well, is regular aerobic exercises to keep the brain healthy.

5. Stronger Heart

When we’re doing aerobic exercises, the oxygen demand in our muscles goes up. Our muscles need more oxygen. So, we take deeper breathes and our heart starts to pump up with stronger contractions and more rapidly.

That’s why we’re doing aerobic exercises, our heart rate goes up, and those contractions get stronger. Essentially what we’re doing, is we’re training our heart to become more efficient, and this is an amazing benefit, because as we do more aerobics more regularly, what happens, is your heart gets more efficient at pumping blood. So, at rest, your heart is more efficient.

That’s why when we take for example an aerobic athlete, like a cyclist in the “Tour de France”, someone who has an amazing aerobic capacity, there resting heart rate is something like 40 beats per minute, maybe even lower with some people, but when we take an average person, let’s say 45 years old, who might have a resting heart rate of like 85 beats per minute. So, your heart rate can be almost twice of what a normal heart rate, if you’re aerobically fit. This is great, because when your heart is more efficient, your whole oxygen system is more efficient.

This benefit mediates a lot of the previous other benefits; your brain is getting more oxygen and it decreases risk of all sorts of cardiovascular related diseases. But that doesn’t mean to be spending two hours on a treadmill or elliptical machine, boring you and taking your time.

6. Decreased Disease

Aerobics in particular decreases your most major health risks. It helps prevents diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity while increasing your lifespan at the same time.

There are lots of ways you can get aerobic exercises in, and one great way is actually doing some daily walking. The research shows, at least when it comes to weight loss, that even getting fifteen to thirty minutes of daily walking, has in conjunction with a healthy diet and good sleep, a tremendous benefit on losing weight and just generally keeping your system healthy. Aerobics doesn’t have to be this too heroic; it can be simple as doing a daily walk whether it’s before or after dinner, during your lunch break or in the morning before you go to work.