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Top 10 New Food Trends Of 2019

If you’re a foodie and you love to try new hot food trends, you’ll enjoy this list. Whether you love exotic cuisine or simpler more conventional fare, you’ll find something on this list that is well worth sampling. We love to discover the freshest trends in food, these trends are taking the world by storm and will be everywhere next year. Here we go the top 10 food trends of 2019. 

1. Katsu

They’re Japanese fried pork cutlets, if you’re a pork lover, ring in the new year with a steaming plate of pork katsu. These Japanese pork cutlets are usually served with rice and cabbage salad, head out to a Japanese eatery to enjoy them, perhaps with a little Sapporo or Sake or make your own. To prepare pork katsu at home, you’ll need boneless pork chops, salt, pepper and egg, Pongo bread crumbs, flour and oil for frying. You’ll find that whipping up these tasty pork cutlets isn’t too complicated, in fact it’ll probably be fun, you’ll be making a trendy recipe that you can prepare again and again. If you’re not into pork, make chicken katsu instead, it’s also a popular Japanese dish although, it won’t be as happening in 2019 as the Japanese pork cutlets will. The cabbage salad served with poor katsu is the Japanese take on Coleslaw, if you love meat and you’re a coleslaw fan, this trendy Japanese meal idea will be right up your alley. Well, you may already enjoy a lot of Japanese fare including; sushi, sashimi, tempera and teriyaki, there is more to discover when it comes to traditional Japanese food. Trying new dishes is a great way to branch out. 

2. Taiwanese fare is taking over

Double Tea isn’t the only Taiwanese street, residence and tourists and big foodie destination such as LA and the Big Apple have been trying out last famous dishes with Taiwanese origins. Examples include; drunken chicken, flies head, beef noodles flavored with fragrant anise and a pungent stinky tofu. Flies head is really on trend for next year, it’s made with ground pork, black beans that have been fermented, chili and garlic chives. If you’re curious about the interestingly named stinky tofu, you should know that it’s extremely popular in Taiwan. Tt’s a dish that many people love although, it does have its critics. Made from fermented tofu, it’s got a very strong smell which has been like the strongest blue cheese or wet dirty socks. The deep-fried version of stinky tofu generally has the most pungent aroma, this dish is not for the faint of heart. If you’re not afraid of the most intense flavors it may be right for you, if you’re feeling adventurous next year and want to try something new, finding a Taiwanese eatery that offers flies head or stinky tofu or both will definitely be fun. 

3. Food from the “Stans”

When people emigrate from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and other countries known as the “Stans”, they’re bringing their culinary traditions right along with them, food from the “Stans” used to be referred to by the catch all term Turkish food, but the new term “Stans” is a better indicator of exactly where this type of cuisine originates. Their cuisine is full of Eurasian flavors and newcomers to the food of the “Stans”, will have so much to discover. This food features some delectable seasonings, including Chive, garlic, spinach, parsley, tarragon, cilantro and dill. All these seasonings may not be new to you, finding a restaurant that offers this type of food or find an authentic recipe and making it yourself at home, will be the best way to see how meat, liver, beans, eggplant and noodles are prepared in the “Stans”.

In the new year, treat yourself to a tasty Kasich “Kazakhstan” beef soup or another traditional “stans” recipe. Find a local eatery that offers this trendy fair or make it yourself.

4. Chinese hot eateries

Chinese hot pot eateries will be jam-packed. If you’re craving Chinese food in 2019, go for Szechuan Chinese food. Find a hotspot eatery that is authentically Szechuan Chinese and then partake of a steaming communal hot pot with your friends, coworkers or family. A lot of new hot pot restaurants are popping up in North America to meet increased demand. Examples of chain restaurants that offer this kind of trendy fair include; Chubby Cattle, Little Sheep, Mongolian hot pot and Hai Di Lao. If you love the experience of sharing food, this 2019 food trend will be fun to try, you’ll be able to chat with your table mates as all of you dip veggies, tofu and meets into a swirling hot pot. Once your morsels are cooked in a hot pot, you may dip them into a garlic and sesame oil sauce, and enjoy their rich complex flavor profiles. During the cold weather months, the appeal of Szechuan Chinese hot pot rises even higher, eating hot pot is a great way to warm up from the inside out. It’s also an awesome social activity. 

5. Personalized foods

If you take the food as fuel approach, this particular trend may intrigue you, and 2019 more and more people are going to send in blood tests and DNA swab test, which will allow them to receive customized diet plans that are based on their own blood test results and DNA information.

There is a company offering these ultra-personalized diet plans right now. It’s called “Habit”, if you choose habit, you’ll need to drink a special drink before taking your samples. When you opt for this type of service, you’ll send in samples and then await information about exactly what you should eat. Some people are able to eat a range of foods and feel great and healthy, while others should be more focused in terms of what they consume. Well, some people might not put much stock in the personalized food trend others really believe in it, some people are advised to seek out more fat as a source of fuel, while others are encouraged to eat more fiber. People who get the test, do tend to make an effort to follow their plans. It’s a fascinating new way of eating that is based on hard science.

6. Modern consumers will want more protein. 

Lots of people try to follow diets that are high protein, such as the keto diet and Atkins. They want more protein because it facilitates weight loss. If you’ve ever gained weight eating bad carbs and lost weight when you gave them up or cut down on eating them, you already know that opting for protein over carbs is a solid weight loss strategy, while weight loss results always vary, many people have gotten good results by eating more proteins such as beef versus carbs.

In 2019 consumers are going to be looking for more high-quality protein sources. Beef sales are expected to rise due to consumer demand. Nose to tail eating styles are also in vogue. Nose to tail is all about eating almost every part of an animal. Some chefs embrace the nose to tail trend long ago, it’s also been popular in certain cultures such as the Philippines for ages. Well, some of us may find the nose to tail trend makes a squeamish, it is practical as there is little to no waste. Naturally, vegetarians will cringe at the whole nose to tail movements, but veggie fair is also gaining popularity and this creates a bit of balance. 

7. Look for inventive flavors with a global vibe 

If you love the idea of food fusion, don’t hesitate to experiment with a blend of global cuisine styles in just one dish. For example, you might try a sushi burrito that’s loaded with row raw fish, sticky rice and avocado and wrapped in a traditional burrito tortilla. In 2019, menu items with a fusion of more than one global style are going to be in demand. Fusion cuisine is inventive and fun, it’s a break from the tried and true. Middle eastern flavors are expected to be very popular, for example spice mixes from Jordan, Turkey and Palestine maybe prevalent in fusion cuisine. Mint, jam made from tomatoes, and zucchini are fusion cuisine ingredients to watch for next year. Also, keep an eye out for fusion food with a bit of an Indian inspiration, Indian flavors that are likely to surface in fusion cuisine in 2019 include; curry, cardamom, and sesame. Well, you’ll have no trouble finding fusion cuisine at restaurants, there’s no reason why you can’t come up with your own recipes. Think of two food styles that you love and then devise a creative way of combining them in one dish. For example, you might add a traditional Asian sauce to Italian yo-chi or something like that, have fun with it.

8. Food brands with the Gen Z values.

Food brands with the Gen Z values will be prized. Gen Z’ers are very mindful when it comes to choosing food brands the echo their own values. This is why you’ll see more food brands marketing to Gen Z customers by sharing brand stories and brand messages that resonate with younger, Hipper, customers. Gen Z’ers generally wanted non-GMO brands. They’re more likely to buy organic, and they appreciate independent companies that produce food in eco conscious ways. Brands that offer real food, will also be very popular Gen Z’ers next year, younger customers don’t want a lot of filler or artificial ingredients in the food that they consume, they are looking for brands which will offer more food purity, they are searching for authenticity from companies that produce foods.

Brands like “Eating Foods” which aren’t new, but which have great reputations, because they offer non-GMO foods that are completely organic, we’ll have an edge with modern young Gen Z’ers. New brands will try to get that type of credibility, younger consumers know a lot about what they want from food and what they don’t want. This food trends ties into another current food trends, which is transparency from food providers. Gen Z’ers and some others, want to know exactly what’s in their food. Some fast food restaurants such as “Panera”, spear headed this trend by offering complete nutritional information about their menu items a long before it was really trendy. Companies that are transparent about their ingredients and how those ingredients are produced will become popular next year or hang on to their popularity.

9. Veggie cuisine will be hotter than ever

Whether you’re a vegetarian or just enjoy the odd meatless Monday, you should know that vegetarian cuisine will be trending in 2019. According to uber eats, vegan food is also going to be a red-hot trend next year. The food delivery service reports that many customers ordered plant-based foods during 2018, and over eats anticipates even more veggie-based orders in 2019. Examples of popular dishes order by health conscious and ethics conscious consumers included; humus and avocado toast. Avocado toast was undoubtedly the hottest food trend in 2018. Will any other dish takeover avocado toast in 2019? time will tell.

As people become increasingly concerned with health and wellness, anticipate a rise in alternative protein sources that are vegetarian, such as Seitan, tofu, pumpkin, chia, farro and bulgur, are hot vegetarian ingredients that people are more interested in these days. It’s pretty easy to find good vegetarian food in most cities now and it’s also easy to whip up tasty and hearty veggie stir fries at home. Vegetarians and vegans do need to pay careful attention to nutrition, they need to ensure that they are getting all of the right nutrients. However, a lot of vegetarians and vegans are very educated about how to give their bodies what they need. 

10. Spring pancakes aka Chinese crepes

Spring pancakes from northern China are easy to eat, they’re street food and they’re also becoming very popular in other countries. There are two main forms of northern Chinese spring pancakes, and they are; Chun bing and Jian bing.


Chun-bing are northern Chinese spring pancakes which look a bit like burritos, they feature wheat flour rappers which hold a host of delicious feelings, such a stir-fried veggie and braised proteins. People feast on Chung bing or other bings during a special day known as lich wan, which celebrates the advent of spring. Hence, the name spring pancake. These spring pancakes emerged during the Jin dynasty and have been popular since the days of the Tang dynasty. jumping Jian bing are similar to burritos, they’re more like crepes and contain egg fillings and savory and sweet sauces. Jian bing really hit the spot for breakfast. If you haven’t tried the northern China spring pancakes, you should know that they are on trend for 2019.


Jian-bing appeared thousands of years ago in northern China. So, they are very traditional how was Jian bing is made? Well, depend on where in China it’s made. People in China lined up for these treats, they taste fantastic and that’s why they are becoming popular outside of northern China.

One restaurant that is ahead of the curve is “Montreal Chinese crepes & dumplings Chinoise” serving up Chinese crepes from its small rectangular space in Montreal, this little gem has become a popular hot spot for a trendy delicious specialty Chinese crepes that keep people coming back. The husband and wife owners have taken Jian bing a step further by adding West Indian influences in the form of jerk beef. So, if you’re in Montreal and looking to jump in on the food trend bandwagon, stop in at “Montreal Chinese crepes & dumplings” they were doing what they do before it was even trendy. how do you say.